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Milym Equestrian Lesson Policies and Procedures

Milym Equestrian LLC with head trainer, Miriam Offermanns, is committed to working closely with lesson clients to offer carefully planned and scheduled learning/training opportunities. Since we take great care to plan our lesson times, we count on our client’s participation as they have arranged and agreed. We appreciate your following the guidelines outlined here so that your experience in our lesson program can be as worthwhile as possible.

Scheduling: Sessions for regular ongoing lesson clients will be scheduled in monthly packages of 4 or more. For occasional lesson clients, it is the responsibility of said client to schedule in a timely manner, preferably 1 week prior.

If a change in time or a move to a different type of lesson is desired, we will work with each client to accommodate them to the best of our ability but please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Note: If slots are available, we will try to accommodate riders who might wish to take a one-time individual lesson or to ride periodically versus being in a monthly package program. However, we may have limited opportunities for ad hoc lessons and our ongoing regularly scheduled clients will take priority in getting desired time slots.

New clients who start with our program are expected to complete the Riding Instruction Agreement and Liability Release form found here and bring it to their first lesson: Equine Activity Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

Payment Policies:

Lessons are booked at the beginning of each month and paid for by the 5th of the following month.

Invoices will be emailed (via Quickbooks Intuit) and payment can be made easily online with the Invoice “Pay Now” option.

See pricing here:

Invoices are emailed at the end of each month once new client information has been entered into our database.

We appreciate timely payment of lesson invoices! We reserve the right to add a $25 late fee for payments past due – especially for those that are continually late. And, we reserve the right to defer providing lessons until payment is made in full for situations in which lesson monies are substantially overdue. Please make sure you keep us informed of any change to your lesson package and/or contact information.


Lessons are carefully scheduled according to set time frames and we cannot hold a lesson to wait for a client who is late – as it would back up others in that lesson as well as subsequent lessons. So in order to fully enjoy your lesson time, please be prompt! (And we realize Atlanta traffic sometimes makes that a challenge – so please plan accordingly).

Inclement Weather:

Please note that lessons will take place in most weather conditions except when the National Weather Service has severe storm warnings posted for our area – or when lightning and thunder are present.  Riding during extreme temperatures is at the discretion of the trainer and on occasion your trainer will decide to cancel due to severe cold or heat if they determine the lesson might be unsafe or ineffective. However, if the weather is such that a safe and effective lesson can be held – it will. Due to inclement weather the trainer will work with each client to reschedule during make- up slots available or may choose to hold a “stormy day” in-barn lesson.

Do not assume that if the weather is unpleasant you will not ride – often the weather can be bad in one part of town but fine at your farm~ always check directly with your trainer!

Make-up Lessons:

Any lesson that has been postponed due to either inclement weather or due to making previous arrangements (prior to the 24 hours – see below under cancellations), needs to be rescheduled within 1 month or that lesson will be lost. We do not refund money or deduct from your bill because you have not taken your scheduled lessons.

It is the responsibility of the client to contact the trainer to arrange for a make-up time during the next 30 days, in addition to riding at their regular lesson time.


We request that cancellations of lessons be kept to a minimum. Cancellation of a lesson must be made 24 hours in advance, unless due to an emergency or illness. Clients who do not cancel prior to this 24 hour time frame and who do not show up for their lesson are charged the full lesson amount and do not have a make-up opportunity.

To cancel a lesson, make sure you contact your trainer directly prior to the 24 hour time frame. Remember, your trainer is counting on your participation and has planned their schedule accordingly, so please be courteous about letting them know of needed changes well in advance. This includes needing to change lessons due to other sports conflicts, tests/homework, work travels, other appointments, etc. Last minute cancellations are only for illness and emergency situations that arise unexpectedly. We appreciate your commitment to this practice.


Good communication is important – both in terms of keeping you informed and in terms of keeping your trainer informed from your end. Email is often the best form of asking a question or letting your trainer know in advance about a needed change or situation. Please understand that while your trainer is conducting a lesson, she/he is not available to have a discussion – as the focus needs to be on the clients in the lesson. So please email or call to set up a time for a discussion if desired/needed, or wait until the end of a lesson to ask a brief question. Check our website at or our Milym facebook page for updates on a variety of information about upcoming shows, clinics, and special activities.

Thanks for joining Team Milym Equestrian LLC – where all of your riding goals become a reality!